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flecheÉric Weil : A Biography

By Gilbert Kirscher.



1904-1922 Parchim

photo weil.June 8, 1904: Éric Weil was born in Parchim (Mecklemburg), to Louis Weil, a well-off shopkeeper, and Ida Weil, née Löwenstein
.1911-1913: attends Parchim’s Vorschule (primary school).
1913 (Easter)-1922 (Easter): attends Parchim’s Friedrich-Franz-Gymnasium.
.May 6, 1922: death of his father, Louis Weil; the family experiences money problems during the following years, as shown for instance in the “Der Werkstudent” unpublished conference (1932).

1922-1928 Hamburg-Berlin, University years.

.April 24, 1922-August 10, 1922: in Hamburg, enrolls as a student of the School of Medicine (and also attends one of Ernst Cassirer’s classes of Philosophy of Language).
.October 13, 1922-March 7, 1923: in Berlin, enrolls as a student at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität’s School of Medicine (and lives in Berlin, at Kastanienallee 26).
.May 3, 1923-March 1924: in Hamburg, enrolls in a Philosophy Course (attends the classes of Cassirer, Panofsky, Görland, Stern, Petsch, Wolff, etc.).
.May 7, 1924-March 7, 1925: in Berlin, enrolls as a student at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universität (attends the classes of Wertheimer, Maier, Dessoir, Hildebrandt, Rieffert, Lasch,Weisbach, Reich, Roethe, etc.) .
.April 17, 1925-August 15, 1927: in Hamburg, enrolls as a student in a Philosophy Course (attends the classes of Cassirer, Görland, Noack, Petsch, etc.).
.February 22, 1928: in Hamburg, Doktorprüfung: “sehr gut”.
Completes his doctoral dissertation Des Pietro Pomponazzi Lehre von dem Menschen und der Welt, printed by Sittenfeld, Berlin and supervised by Ernst Cassirer, earning the second level of distinction “sehr lobenswert”. It was published in 1932 under the title Die Philosophie des Pietro Pomponazzi in Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, XLI, Heft 1-2, Carl Heymanns Verlag, Berlin.
.June 20, 1928: is awarded a scholarship (Preussisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Kunst und Volksbildung) which allows him to cover the PhD exam registration fees. Lives at Oberstrasse 140.


1928-33 : Hamburg-Berlin, after the PhD


.Éric Weil endeavours to broaden his thesis on the link between Philosophy and Astrology and on the publication of a critical edition of Marsile Ficin, De vita triplici; he is encouraged by Saxl and Panosky and the circle of the Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg, which he regularly attends starting in late 1927.
.He prepares an anthology of texts dealing with Astrology with Hans Meier, which is never published.
.He publishes a number of reviews and articles. Conference: “Der Werkstudent” on the radio

Hambourg :
.August 1, 1928-January 15, 1929: works at the Unterrichts-Anstalt Jessel, in Hamburg.
.Early 1929: occasionally works for the Warburg Library; gives private lessons; is awarded a small scholarship at the end of 1929
.July 3, 1929: lives at Eichenstrasse 28, III, Hamburg.

.January 4, 1930: goes on a health retreat in Allenstein, Ostpreussen, Gartenstrase 16/17
.February 1930: lives at Maria-Louisenstrasse, 40, Hoheluft, Hamburg.

Berlin :


.October 1930: lives at “bei Jaroczynski”, Bayerischerplatz 4.
.End of 1930: becomes Max Dessoir’s private secretary , a post he occupies until the beginning of 1933. He is mostly in charge of writing for Dessoir’s journal Zeitschrift für Ästhetik und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft
.1932: Éric Weil publishes his thesis, which gives him his title of “Doctor”.
.March 30, 1932: lives at Barbarossastrasse 43, Berlin W.30, where his last letter from Germany is sent to Saxl on March 17, 1933.
.February 20, 1933: the German embassy in Washington is notified that Éric Weil’s application for a position at the University of Puerto Rico has been turned down. The official notification from the Auswärtiges Amt is dated April 21, 1933.



1933–1940 Paris

EW .April 19, 1933-April 27, 1933: lives at 1, quai St-Michel, Paris, 5th arrondissement.
.28 avril 1933 – 1 août 1933 : 192, rue de Tolbiac, Paris, 13e
April 28, 1933-August 1, 1933: lives at 192, rue de Tolbiac, Paris, 13th arrondissement.
.Anne Mendelsohn lives at 6 bis, rue du Chevalier de la Barre from .August 29, 1933 to October 19 and from November 1 to December 28, 1933.
December 28, 1933: Éric Weil stays with Anne Mendelsohn at the Hôtel de la Louisiane, 60, rue de Seine, Paris, 6th arrondissement.
.When Catherine Mendelsohn arrives in Paris (autumn or winter 1993), she lives at 59 rue de Seine.
July 1934: Rose Mendelsohn visits her daughters Anne and Catherine in Paris. From 1933 to 1939, Éric Weil regularly meets members of his family in Luxembourg but never goes back to Germany.
.October 16, 1934, 10:10 am: 6th arrondissement local town hall, civil wedding of Éric Weil and Anne-Lise Mendelsohn, living at 60 rue de Seine.
.October 23, 1934: church wedding in Bad Mondorf, Luxembourg.
.January, 1935: Éric and Anne Weil-Mendelsohn move in together with Catherine Mendelsohn to 1 avenue René Samuel in Clamart, Seine. They live there until the summer of 1958 (except during the war).
.July 11, 1935: Rose Mendelsohn dies in Berlin.
.February 11, 1938: Éric Weil, a “man of letters”, and Anne-Lise Mendelsohn are naturalised.

photo.In Paris Éric Weil continues his work on Renaissance philosophy and astrology, as shown in the important manuscript Ficin et Plotin, published in 2007 by Alain Deligne. He is also interested in History and in the fundamental concepts and logic of Philosophy at the same time.
.He contributes to the journal directed by Alexandre Koyré: Recherches Philosophique, 1934-38.
.He participates in the seminars of the École Pratique des Hautes Études, directed by Alexandre Koyré and then by Alexandre Kojève, about The Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel in 1934-1939. Lacan, Leiris, Hypolite, Wahl, Polin, Queneau, and Bataille attend those seminars.

.April 3, 1938: defends his dissertation at the École Pratique des Hautes-Études (5th section, religion Sciences, supervised by Alexandre Koyré): La critique de l’astrologie chez Pic de la Mirandole
.He writes the article: “L’anthropologie d’Aristote”, published in 1946
.August 1, 1939: he begins writing Logique de la philosophie, 1938.
.1938: Ida Weil, his mother, is forced to sell the family house in Parchim. She moves to her daughter Ruth Cohn and son in law’s Dr Siegfried Cohn home in Bad Ems.
.November 8, 1938: Cohn’s apartment is ransacked by the Nazis. Dr Cohn is arrested.
.In March, 1939 Ida Weil and her daughter Ruth Cohn live in a room in Cologne. Ruth’s two little daughters have been sent to hide in the Netherlands. Their destitute father arrives in Amsterdam.
.March 6, 1939: Éric Weil sends £100 to an intermediary in the Netherlands for his brother-in-law and his nieces. Another £50 will follow. Dr Cohn and his two daughters will succeed in reaching England and then Australia




.Éric Weil is conscripted into the army under the alias of Henri Dubois, he is taken prisoner on June 17, 1940 in Le Péage (Eure-et-Loir), and taken into custody in Stammlager XI B (stalag XI B: a POW camp) in Fallingbostel, Germany (between Hamburg and Hannover, and 20 km from Bergen-Belsen). Appointed as secretary-interpreter, he becomes one of the main organisers of the POW’s resistance according to L.Sichirollo, of the relations between different nationality groups, and one of the writers of the clandestine newspaper. Is appointed as pianist in the camp orchestra (letter from H. Moysset to Anne Dubois, on February 12, 1941).



.In 1940 Catherine Mendelsohn is a prisoner in the camp at Gurs (Pyrénées Atlantiques) for a short period. In 1942 and 1943 Anne Weil and her sister Catherine Mendelsohn (under the aliases Anne Dubois and Marcelle Ombinat) find refuge at Le Pigeonnier, in Souillac (Lot), and then in Monpazier (Dordogne) in 1943-1944. Anne writes a secret diary from June 6 to August 24, 1944 and works as a secretary and communication agent for the FFI command in Monpazier.

.1941: Ida Weil and Ruth Cohn live in Neu-Isenburg, south of Frankfurt am Main.
Starting on September 19, 1941, like all the other members of the family who have stayed on in Germany, they are forced to wear the “Judenstern” and are imposed heavy taxes like all Jews.

.August 18, 1942: Ida Weil is deported to the Theresienstadt labour camp with her daughter Ruth Cohn, her sister Sara Wertheim, her brother in law Alfred Wertheim and their daughter Hanna Goldberg. They all die there.
.September 26, 1942: Ida Weil is deported to the Maly-Trostinec camp (in modern-day Belarus, near Minsk) by transport "Er 1027". She is almost 76 years old. “Über ihr weiteres Schicksal ist mir nichts bekannt” (Éric Weil). She is supposed to have died in Auschwitz. The day of her death is fixed on May 15, 1945 by agreement. Ruth Cohn is moved from Theresienstadt to Kowel (in Poland at that time and in modern-day Ukraine), where she is believed to have died soon after her arrival, the Nazis having slaughtered all the Jews in both ghettos in August.
[The details on the fate of Éric Weil’s family are to be found in the “Wiedergutmachung” (compensation) file drawn up by the German Federal Republic. This file is a compilation of Éric Weil’s correspondence with a surviving member of his family, Charlotte Werthein, from 1949 onwards, and, between 1955 and late 1961, with a notary office in Göttingen.].

.October 11, 1943: postcard from Henri Dubois (Gefangenennummer 116.686) to Anne Weil (sic), Le Pigeonnier, Souillac, Lot.
.April 16, 1945: the British liberate the prisoners’ camp. The British Lieutenant Colonel in command grants Éric Weil the office of the former German camp chief so that he can organize the return of the prisoners.
.May 14, 1945: certificate from the French military command: “The reservists Éric Weil and Henri Dubois are the same person.”
.May 16, 1945: demobilized in Paris.


1945-1956 Paris

.July 12-19 : visits Henri Moysset at Gramond, near Rodez.
.October 1 : is appointed researcher at the CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research).

.Summer 1946: stays at Le Pigeonnier, Souillac (département of Lot).
.October 2 : visit to Henri Moysset, to Albi
.November: undergoes surgery
.December 27: finishes the writing of Logique de la Philosophie

.April : visit to Georges Bataille, to Vézelay.
.April 11 : visit (with Anne W. and Catherine M.) to Henri Moysset in the département of Tarn.
.June : Publication of n° 1 of Critique, magazine based by Georges Bataille. Eric Weil quickly becomes " the privileged interlocutor of Bataille within the editorial committee " (Sylvie Patron, in A en-tête de Critique, to be published in Ed. Septentrion, Villeneuve d’Ascq). He published approximately 150 reviews and reports in Critique.
.Août-septembeer : holidays in Pigeonnier-Laval, Souillac (Lot)
.October 1947-july 1948 : Correspondence with Jean Wahl (in the USA) on the organization of conferences of Collège philosophique (established by Jean Wahl in January, 1947) and their publication in Deucalion.
."Je viens d'obtenir l'équivalence de la licence ; du côté des réglements, rien n'arrête donc plus la thèse" (A J. Wahl, 12/10/1947, IMEC).

.« Le cas Heidegger »in the journal Les Temps Modernes.

photophoto.December 2: applies for enrolment on the waiting list for suitable candidates to work in higher education : is refused.

.Takes part in the UNESCO survey on democracy (1948-49), in the Décades de Royaumont (ten day-cultural conference) (1947-52).
.July 1-13, Stay in Chichilianne (Isère)-"Dès que je vois des montagnes, je revis" (to J. Wahl, 24/06/1948, IMEC).
.2/07/1948, Decree of Catherine Mendelsohn's naturalization .


.July 10-20: runs the Décade de Royaumont on “Le bonheur” (Happiness) along with G. Bachelard and H. Gouhier.
.September: the publication of Critique is temporarily suspended. G. Bataille refuses to co-manage the magazine with Éric Weil (see Patron, Sylvie. Critique 1946-1996. Paris: Éditions de l’IMEC, 1999. pp. 60-63).


.July 10-20: runs the Décade de Royaumont on “L’idée de modernité” (The Idea of Modernity) along with H. Gouhier
.July 21-september 5: stays in Chichilianne (Isère)photo
.September 6-16 : takes part in the Rencontres internationales de Genève (International Conference of Geneva) on “Les droits de l’esprit et les exigences sociales” (<>).
Logique de la Philosophie—Paris, Vrin—and Hegel et l’État (Hegel and the State)—Paris, Vrin,—are published.

.September 16-21 : Chichilianne
.September 21 - october 16: Journey in Italy:

.October : Critique is back in publication (no41) by the Éditions de Minuit publishing house. G. Bataille is the director, and Éric Weil and Jean Piel are editors.
Publication of Logique de la Philosophie (Paris, Vrin), Hegel et l’Etat (Paris, Vrin).
.Conference: Collège philosophique.
.Summer: stays in Paestrum, Italie (see photo).
.1950-55: teaching at the EPHE (Practical School of Higher Education) on Hegel’s Philosophy of Right.

.March 17: Sorbonne: doctoral defense of Logique de la Philosophie—hisprimary dissertation—and of Hegel et l’État—his secondary dissertation. Jury: Jean Wahl, Henri Gouhier, Jean Hypolite, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Edmond Vermeil.
.June 26: applies for enrolment on the waiting list for suitable candidates to work in higher education: is refused.
.July 10-20: runs the Décade de Royaumont on “Le dialogue” (Dialogue) along with H. Gouhier and P. Burgelin.
.August-September: stays in Crouy-en-Thelle (département of Oise) (at G. de Rothschild’s?).
.September: takes part in the Rencontres internationales de Genève (International Conference of Geneva) on “La connaissance de l’homme au XXe siècle” (The Knowledge of Man in the 20th century) (<>).
.Conference in Nancy.

.January 28-29 and May 5: applies for enrolment on the waiting list for suitable candidates to work in higher education: is refused.
.July 10-20: runs the Décade de Royaumont on “La nature” (Nature) along with H. Gouhier and P. Burgelin
.September 3-12: takes part in the Rencontres internationales de Genève (International Conference of Geneva) on “L’homme devant la science” (Man Confronted by Science) (<>).
.Conferences: Cologne (June 12, 1952), Venice (July 1952), Brussels (Institut des Hautes Études, December 1952)—Radio conferences on the BBC, London 1952-54; RTF, Paris 1952-57.
.Collaborates with Confluence magazine (1952-1957).


.October 1: is appointed Senior Research Fellow at the CNRS.
.1952-53: teaches at the EPHE (6th section, Historical Research Centre, F. Braudel dir.) on “La pensée politique allemande pendant la 1ère moitié du 19e siècle” (German political thinking in the first half of the 19th century) and on “La Politique d’Aristote et son influence sur la pensée politique moderne” (Aristotle’s Politics and its influence on modern political thinking).

.September: takes part in the Rencontres internationales de Genève (International Conference of Geneva) on “L’angoisse du temps présent” (The Malaise of the Modern Age) (<>).
.Conference: Cambridge, Brussels, Geneva, Israel, UNESCO, Jewish school union.

.September: takes part in the Rencontres internationales de Genève (International Conference of Geneva). Conference on September 7-8 on “Le nouveau monde et l’Europe” (The New World and Europe) (<>).

.Hospitalized from November 26 to December 9, 1955 and from January 9 to January 20, 1956. Conference in Germany.
.December 12: is listed as qualified to teach within the higher education system and as a lecturer
.December 16: Anne Weil-Mendelsohn is appointed on 17/08/1955 in C.E.E., at first in the Luxembourg, then in Brussels. Her "card of legitimization for international state employees" is signed in Brussels the 09/11/1956


1956-1968 : School of Humanities in Lille

photo.April 1, 1956: is appointed as lecturer in the Faculté des Lettres de l'Université de Lille.
.August: stays in Arosa.
.Philosophie politique (Paris, Vrin) is published.

.When Pr. Landmann asks him (in a letter dated June 19, 1957) if he would accept a position as a professor at Berlin University, Weil responds (on June 28, 1957) that he is already "committed to establish a better relationship with Germany" but that he "cannot erase twenty five years of [his] life, which is what returning would do"; "I am too intimately tied to France (Ich bin zu sehr mit Frankreich verwachsen), not to mention everything I owe this country; if I ever move to another country (…), I will go as a Frenchman, but the only country in which this attitude would be absurd would be Germany." He would only accept a position as an associate professor if he were asked to do so by French authorities.

.Conferences: Cologne, Brussels, Toulouse, Münster, Marburg (October 30).

.Conferences: Heidelberg (October 1-4), Lyon (November 15).
.July – August: stays in Arosa (Switzerland), Haus Rocco
.Is appointed as a tenured professor of general philosophy in the Faculté des Lettres de l’Université de Lille.
.Buys a house in Lille, 41, rue Gounod.
.Summer: Visit to Italy.
.November: "I have been quite seriously ill. I am now recovering from the disease and the treatment." (to L. Sichirollo, dated November 28; 1959).

.In March, he moves into his house in Lille, 41 rue Gounod, his residence until 1968.

.Conference in Lille (March 8), Cambridge (August 31-September 3), Heidelberg (October 6-10).
.July-August: stays in Arosa; September: visit to Italy (Rome, Urbino, Arezzo, Paestum.).
.Philosophie morale (Paris, Vrin) is published.

.September 1961 - late January 1962: Visiting professor at Claremont College, California (USA); Conference in Los Angeles.

Resigns from his position on the editorial staff of Critique.Conference in Claremont (USA – January 8), Lyon (March 24), Royaumont, Hegel Symposium in Heidelberg (July 29 – August 1), Strasbourg (September 15), “Congrès allemand de philosophie” (late October), Münster (November).
.August: stays in Switzerland and in Italy (San Casciano).

Conferences: Paris (with the French Society of Philosophy, January 26), Cologne (Husserl-Archiv) in late February, "meeting with friends from Harvard in June, in northern Italy": Rockefeller Foundation, Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio (Como).
.August 15 – September 15: stays in Arosa, Haus Koller.
.Problèmes kantiens (Paris, Vrin) is published


photo.Writes for the American journal Daedalus.
.Conferences: Brussels (January) Geneva (International meeting) September: Heidelberg (Marxismus Kommission) October 6-8; Royaumont (Hegel seminar, member of the board of the Internationale Hegel-Vereinigung); October: seminars in Urbino and trip to Italy November 1 – 20; Pisa (Scuola Normale Superiore) November 23 – late November.
.August 12-September 19: stays in Arosa, Haus Koller.

.November 1964 – April 1968: In his seminar at the School of Humanities of Lille, he makes a running commentary of Logique de l'Encyclopédie by Hegel using material by Gérard Almaleh, Albert Baraquin, Robert Castel, Marcel Conche, Emmanuel Doucy, Elie Doumit, Jean-Paul Dumont, François Isambert, Bernard Jeu, Gilbert Kirscher, Michel Mazzola, Jean Quillien, Claude Roubinet, Pierre Roubinet, Gérard Simon.


.Teaches a class on Moral Philosophy in Brussels, holds a seminar in Urbino in September.
Conferences: Giessen (February), Leuven (May or June), Hagen, Urbino (Hegel conference – September 25); Moscow, December 2-17, 3 conferences.

.Stays: August 15 – September 23 in Arosa, Haus Koller; then in Urbino and Venice until early October (returns to Lille on October 10).
.December 30, 1965: made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour.



.Conferences in Zürich and Paris (March 5: television appearance)
.March 31-April 16: holiday in Italy (Venice: "We are so in love with this little city that we're thinking more and more about settling down there someday in the near future.") [to L. Sichirollo, April 26 1966].
.August 15 – September 15: stays in Arosa, then on September 23 at San Casciano (Toscany), in Sienna, Pisa.




.Conferences in Paris (week of catholic intellectuals) on February 3 1967, in Chantilly (February 4 or 5), in Ammersfoort (Hegel seminar), in Chantilly (November 18).
.May: stays in Pisa, Rome, Perugia, Brunnen (Lake Lucerne), Bonn.
.August 15-September 15: stays in Arosa, at Haus Koller; then Italy between Pisa and Florence, and Switzerland. Returns to Lille on October 13.


1968-1977 Nice

.Conference in Brussels (Institut des Hautes Études – January 12-13), Lille (Hegel conference, April 8-11), San Diego, U.S.A. (3 weeks in April-May), Urbino (November 20-December 15).
.Member of the Hegel-Preis jury, Stuttgart, November 12.
.Anne Weil: retirement
.August 1: purchases a flat at 47 boulevard Victor Hugo in Nice, “a 1890s bourgeois-style building, spacious, very well-located, incredibly old-fashioned, a few minutes’ walk from the sea-and all for a reasonable price.” (Éric Weil to L. Sichirollo, June 24, 1968).
.October 1, 1968-September 30, 1974: professor at the University of Nice.


.February 6: is awarded an honorary degree (Ehrenpromotion) from the University of Münster (Germany).
.Member of the Hegel-Preis jury (Stuttgart, November 12).
Conferences in Paris, Nice, Cologne, Chantilly (May 17), Nice (September 4), Bellagio (September 5-7, 1969), Urbino, Brussels (November 26-27), Lille (December 18).


.Early March: is admitted to hospital for surgery.
.May 30: is elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
.Conferences in Milwaukee on June 2 (Marquette University, USA), Heidelberg (September), Reading University (Great Britain, October 28, 1970), Turin (November 20, 1970).
Publication of Essais et Conférences I. Paris: Librairie Plon; Problèmes kantiens, 2nd revised edition. Paris: Vrin.
EW.Publication of Essais et Conférences II. Paris: Librairie Plon ; Problèmes kantiens, 2nd editiion, Paris, Vrin

.Publication de Essais et Conférences II, Paris, Librairie Plon
.Conferences: Paris (Daedalus conference, June 6), Colmar (IPP, July 2), Chantilly (October 14-17, conference on Hegel’s Logic).
.April: is admitted to the clinic for surgery.
.September: holiday in Italy (Tuscany…).
.Is elected an “Associate Advisory Member” of the Centro Superiore di Logica e Scienze comparate of Bologna.

.Is admitted to hospital for surgery.
August 1: Aprica (Lombardy).

.Hospitalisé, intervention chirurgicale
.1 août : Aprica (Lombardie)
.Conférences : Paris (Daedalus, 12-14 sept.), Rome (16-20 sept)

.Stays at a clinic: January 11, February 24, surgery.
.Conferences in Venice (Daedalus, September 17-21, 1973), Venice (IPP, October 13-18, 1973).
.July 26-30: Milan, followed by Aprica.
Accepts E.Vollrath’s invitation to be part of the editorial committee (Beirat) of the magazine De Re Publica that he plans to found (with the support of H. Arendt).


.Conferences in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Groningen (April 1-5), Lille (April 8), Aspen (Colorado, USA, July 23- August 15, 1974), Cologne (WDRundfunk), Nice (December 2).
.June 8: receives an honorary doctorate from the University of Nice.
.September: takes trip to Italy, San Casciano, Urbino, Pisa, Rappallo


.May: cannot attend the conferences in Bellagio for medical reasons. Is admitted to the Pasteur Hospital in Nice from May 28 to June 9, 1975.
.At Château d’Oex (Switzerland), followed by Italy: Urbino (Schelling conference, October 3-5) and a two-week stay. Conference in Nice in November.

.February 2: is elected a corresponding member of the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques of the Institut de France, Philosophy section.
.April 20: writes his will.
.August: at Château d’Oex (Switzerland), Beau Séjour Hotel.
.Is admitted to Cimiez Hospital from September 11 to 21, 1976, “Since you wish to hear from me, well, I got excellent news from the hospital last night. I’m not suffering from anything; and really, they have done the impossible to find something…” (to L. Sichirollo, October 20, 1976).
.Conferences in Hambourg (may 4), Poitiers (Hegel– november 20-21)

1977 :
.“I am fine, though I could be better: I have a blocked artery in my leg, and I think I will be admitted to the clinic soon to have the necessary cleaning done…” (Éric Weil to L. Sichirollo, January 3, 1977).
.Is admitted to St Georges clinic in Nice on January 4 for surgery on January 17 and 29.
.February 1: Éric Weil dies at his home in Nice.



Éric Weil rests in the city of Nice’s cemetery. Following landslides in the cemetery, his remains were exhumed a first time and transferred from burial plot 129.888 to 22.235, then a second time on November 26, 2004, at 8am, in the presence of executors Gilbert Kirscher and Jean Quillien, to burial plot 134.735, already shared by Anne Weil-Mendelsohn (who died on July 5, 1984) and Catherine Mendelsohn (who died on February 15, 1993).



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