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The Éric Weil Institute was founded on December 9, 2011 after Éric Weil (1904-1977) gave all his personal property to the University of Lille 3.

The Éric Weil Institute, an Institute of the History of Concepts and Ideas, is dedicated to:

gif the dissemination and analysis of Éric Weil’s work ;
gif the questions to which his work was devoted: questions of ontology, practical philosophy, the history of philosophy, questions on education, historiography, history, sociology and political sciences.



The Éric Weil Institute is open to PhD students and researchers coming to the University of Lille 3. With the Doctoral School and the involved laboratories, it leads international research on Éric Weil’s thinking and the translation of his work. It helps organise international seminars and conferences. With its web site it contributes to exchanging ideas on Éric Weil’s work and the questions it deals with.



BEW The Éric Weil Institute runs the Éric Weil Library (BEW), which among others contains the considerable document resources that Éric Weil left to the University of Lille 3. Located on the second floor of the university’s main library, the Éric Weil library is a research library open to researchers as well as master’s degree and PhD students. Éric Weil’s personal records are kept in the Éric Weil Library and are available for consultation, subject to certain conditions.











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