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flecheflecheThe Weil-Mendelsohn bequest



Anne Weil

In the will and testament he made on April 20, 1976, Éric Weil named his wife Anne Weil-Mendelsohn as his “sole legatee and sole heir” or, shoul he outlive her, his sister-in-law Catherine Mendelsohn. If he was to outlive both of them, he wanted to leave all his possessions, including “all the books, printed material and manuscripts belonging to the bequest”, to an Institute for the history of concepts and ideas affiliated to the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), which “shall not be located in Paris but shall be attached to a university away from Paris, preferably in Lille”, where he had held the chair in philosophy from 1956 to 1968.

As Éric Weil died on February 1, 1977, Anne Weil-Mendelsohn confirmed the same provisions in her own will and testament made on February 4, 1980: she named her sister as “legatee and sole heir”. In case she outlived her sister,
flecheshe bequeathed on the one hand “all the books, printed material, manuscripts and royalties belonging to the bequest” to the University of Lille 3 to be allocated to the literature and law department of the university library,
fleche and on the other hand “the liquid amounts of money belonging to the bequest and those arising from the sale” of other goods, so that they would be allocated to “the running and the expansion of the activities offered by the Éric Weil Centre at the University of Lille 3”.

She also appointed Emilienne Naert, professor at the University of Lille 3, as executor or, failing that, Jean Quillien and Gilbert Kirscher jointly.



Catherine Mendelsohn

After Anne Weil died, Catherine Mendelsohn also followed these provisions (August 22, 1988), stipulating that she wished
flechethe Éric Weil Centre and Lille 3 inter-university library “to be associated in the management of this bequest (book collection and the use of the liquid sums of money), under any legal form they may choose” in order flecheto “run and expand the Éric Weil Centre as an institute for the history of concepts and ideas”.


With the support of the successive Presidents of the university (Bernard Alluin, Gérard Losfeld, Philippe Rousseau), of the chief librarian (J.P. Chadourne), and the managers of the Éric Weil Centre (E. Naert, J. Quillien, C. Kintzler, P. Canivez), Gilbert Kirscher and Jean Quillienexecutors, got the Éric Weil library to be set up on the second floor of Lille 3 university library, and obtained the creation of a society called “Les Amis d’Éric Weil”, which is in charge of the management of the bequest and is composed of the President of the university, the chief librarian, a representative from the university’s scientific committee, the executors and one elected member from the Éric Weil Centre. This Association statutorily manages the Weil-Mendelsohn bequest and especially the setting up of the Éric Weil Library and prepares the founding of an Éric Weil Institute.













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