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puceThe Lisbon conference (

Together with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Éric Weil Institute co-organized the Lisbon conference (May 9-11, 2012), which centered on the concept of reprise (retaking of an earlier category). This concept is one of the most original contributions from Éric Weil's philosophy. It is particularly relevant when considering argumentation.



puceIasi summer school (

The EWI contributed to the organization and financing of the XIIth summer school of the OFFRES (Organisation Francophone pour la Formation et la Recherche Européennes en Sciences humaines / French Organization for European Training and Research in Human Sciences). Centering on the theme of “University”, this summer school was held in Iasi (Romania) from July 10 to July 18, 2012.



pucePublication of the proceedings of the “Éric Weil en son temps” conference (2004)

In autumn 2012, the EWI will prepare and submit this book to the Presses Universitaires du Septentrion (Septentrion University Press) publishing house. These proceedings will also be made available on the website of the EWI, subject to an agreement with the publisher. As the discussions that took place during the conference were recorded, it will be possible to publish them in print and/or online.



pucePublication of the Albanian version of Hegel and the State

The EWI supports a translation project of Hegel and the State into Albanian by Mr. Orgest Azizaj. Hegel and the State is a major work that has been instrumental in reviving Hegelian studies. It has already been translated into a great number of languages.














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