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The EWI continues the backing programme for publishing and translating started by the “Les Amis d’Éric Weil” society.


pucePublication of the proceedings of the “Éric Weil en son temps” (Éric Weil in his time) conference (2004)

The publication is planned for the autumn of 2012 by the Presses Universitaires du Septentrion publishing house. These proceedings will also be made available online on the EWI website, subject to an agreement with the publisher. As the discussions that took place during the conference were recorded, it will be possible to publish them in print and/or online.


pucePublication of Hegel and the State in Albanian

Mr. Orgest Azizaj has translated Hegel and the State into Albanian. This book has already been translated into numerous languages and has played a great part in the revival of Hegelian studies in France.











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